From the recording I Love it When You Smile

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All sale proceeds will go directly to the Matthew Walklin Make a Smile Foundation
Music and Lyrics by Rebecca Richards
Vocals - Rebecca Richards
Mandolin - Rebecca Richards
Keyboards - Rebecca Richards
Percussion - Matt Evans
Guitar - Matt Evans
Bass Guitar - Sam Andrews
Drums - Sam Andrews
Producer - Sam Andrews
Artwork - Powis Photography


I love it when you smile
Music and Lyrics by Rebecca Richards

You got the world on your mind
And your mind on your face
Let me caress your cares away
Make them melt without trace
Come on have some fun with me
Throw your head back and laugh
Show me your smile
I want the whole world to see, that

I love it when you smile
It makes my day feel so worthwhile
When You smile
makes me feel
like the girl
who’s won the biggest prize
Those soft & tender lips
They’re the ones I love to kiss
You can lay your smile on mine, anytime

You don’t have to fake
The way you feel with me
I get that sometimes you feel sad
It’s the same way for me
Come on lets find
A way to be kind
And find the place within, we can look at ourselves
With the biggest grin, cos

Is how I’m feeling with you
Smiling at me
Let me warm in your sun