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I Love it When You Smile

Rebecca Richards

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This is a charity single for the Matthew Walklin Make a Smile Foundation. There is a 20p transaction card with the website, hence sales are £1.20 to ensure £1 goes to the charity for every purchase.

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"Smooth country harmony.....pure cherry pie"

Matthew walklin's make a smile foundation

All single sale proceeds will go to this fabulous charity

Matthew Walklin, Matt, was diagnosed with an unusual form of testicular Cancer in May 2010.  He underwent eight cycles of chemotherapy in the Velindre Hospital, Cardiff and two cycles of high dose chemotherapy with stem cell support (where you are kept in isolation) in the Hammersmith Hospital, London plus two cycles of normal chemotherapy and radiotherapy.  He had a bronchoscopy and mediastinoscopy when a lump was discovered between his lungs and then had two operations.  During all of this, Matt was an inspiration to us all and showed admirable strength, unwavering courage and a strong sense of spirit that was unmatched.

Matt felt that “Consultants, Doctors and Nurses take care of everything from the chin down, but you, the patient, have to look after your own mind and thoughts which is probably the most difficult part of the process”.

So he came up with a proposal for a charity ‘Matthew Walklin’s Make a Smile Foundation’.

The aim of Matt’s charity is that, although it’s impossible to make going through chemotherapy any easier, we can help to take a patient’s mind off what is happening and help make them smile while going through treatment.

His charity aims “to improve the support available to cancer patients by provision of additional facilities, services and equipment to improve their comfort and welfare and to enable them to maintain contact with friends and family whilst undergoing treatment”.

We aim to provide DVD players and DVDs, games consoles and games, laptops (internet ready with video messaging), games and toys for children, and make day rooms more comfortable etc.  In fact, anything that will help patients “make a smile”.

Sadly, Matt completed his journey with cancer (he didn’t like the terms ‘fight’ or ‘battle’ as they were too negative) when he passed away on March 18th 2012 aged nearly 28.

This charity is his legacy...