Music maker - was released across all streaming platforms on 10th march 2023

Brilliant - I enjoyed that one very very much” - Isaac Banks Banks Radio Australia

I grew up in South Wales as part of a church community and my early childhood was filled with rousing hymns in the chapel with my earliest memories hearing my parents sing in the chapel choir and being incredibly moved even at that small age, notably hearing them sing "Oh Holy Night" at Christmas. My older sister and I being being classically trained pianists with a natural gift for harmonies soon found ourselves singing in local chapels across the South Wales valleys with our parents, we were dubbed "The Von Trapps of the Valleys" 😁. Later I played in school orchestras and sang in several rock bands. But, I just believe in myself or that I could make a living from music and gave it all up for a "normal" career. Whilst I don't regret my choices, I do wish Id kept going with music even for fun. This return in my later years has been an absolute joy, Ive found so many new music friends who feel like my home and have loved every minute of creating my own music. "Music Maker" is my self reflection on this return and my excitement and desire for making music. I hope you love it as much as I enjoyed creating it. It was recorded at Snake Mountain Studios, Cwmcarn, South Wales with Sam Andrews on drums, Jon Rodin on electric guitar and me on mandolin, piano and keys and mastered at East River Studios by Kevin Jones.

I'll be playing at Bourton's music cafe bar on March 17th 2023 8pm as part of the single launch, hope to see you there!